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N20 Reduction Gear Motor

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$5.52 USD $6.49 USD

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Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS) Socket Head Cap Machine Screws (SHCS)


Product Specifications

Product ID
Rated Voltage


Operating Voltage




No Load Speed


Rotating Direction
LA002 SH1.0-2P 6V 3V ~ 7V 852.6 150 CW
LA003 SH1.0-2P 6V 3V ~ 7V 350 400 CW
LA004 SH1.0-2P 6V 3V ~ 7V 90 1000 CW



The N20 Reduction Gear Motor is a low-power reduction motor with a D-shaped output shaft, suitable for applications requiring continuous rotation of objects. This motor offers three speed options, including a low-speed version (150rpm), a medium-speed (400rpm), and a high-speed (1000rpm). The motor can be connected to the Power Distribution Board (PDB) with 4 Channels using the Wire Pair with SH1.0-2PIN-5CM/10CM/20CM.

    In the box

    • N20 Reduction Gear Motor x1pcs

    • Wire Pair with SH1.0 x1pcs


    • Please use a power supply within the working voltage range.

    • Avoid immersing the motor in water or getting the motor wet.

    • Use screws of the appropriate length to secure the gearbox to prevent thread slippage or damage to the gearbox from screws touching the gears.

    • When using glue/adhesive to fix the motor, to prevent damage, do not let the glue/adhesive seep into the gearbox, shaft, or motor interior.

    • Regularly add a small amount of lubricant/grease to the gearbox to improve its lifespan and reduce noise.