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Bambu Filament Swatches

$9.99 USD

$9.99 USD

Order Info
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Product Information

  • Packaging Size: 30*30*205 mm
  • Packaging Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Quantity: 80 pcs
  • Swatch Size: 24*24 mm
  • Production Technology: Injection molding & 3D Printing
  • Due to the continuous increase and adjustment of filaments, the Filament Swatches do not fully include all types and colors available for sale. Bambu Lab will flexibly adjust the contents of the Filament Swatches.

How to use Bambu Filament Swatches?

  • Choose your desired filament and color
  • Entering the 5-digit filament code in the search bar
  • Accurately purchase the filaments you are interested in

Recommended Models

Swatch Display Board:

filament swatch filament swatch
filament swatch filament swatch